Personnel & Education Policies

Personnel Policies

eMnet is cultivating digital marketing expert group with diverse and systematic education programs

  • Basic direction of cultivation and management of talents

  • Support development of career in each area for members of the organization for continuous development of capabilities

  • Manage step-wise career education course for cultivating digital marketing experts (AE)

Policies for education to cultivate digital marketing consultant


eMnet is focusing on the improvement of capabilities of employees as they are called as 'an military academy in cultivating digital marketing experts.'


They have been investing much on cultivation of digital marketing consultants with systematic education course.


New employees receive education and work guidance according to eMnet tutoring program and academic curriculum after being hired.

Education Policies

  • Cultivate and manage talents
    Cultivate and manage talents
    • Support career development in each type of role of members in the organization for supporting continuous capability development
    • Manage step-wise career education course for cultivating digital advertisement marketing experts (AE)
  • Education for each role/position
    Education for each role/position
    • Education for new employees
    • Education for chiefs/deputy leader promoted employees
    • Leadership education for team leaders/managers
    • Organization promoting S/W program
  • 디지털마케팅 전문가 양성 교육
    Education for cultivating digital marketing experts
    • Manage compensation policies for in-company audit
    • Support to acquire certificates of search advertisement marketers
  • Policies for supporting capability development
    Policies for supporting capability development
    • Support to participate in outside seminars or conferences
    • Support online education

Welfare policies

  • Compensation for long-term employees

  • Medical welfare

  • Family day

  • Use recuperation facilities

  • Household support benefits

  • Support pregnant women,childbirth, and child-raising

  • Birthday coupon

  • Support family event expenses

  • Exempt income tax of laborers hired in small and medium companies

  • Provide present on national holidays

  • Exemption for juvenilesfor the future

  • Welfare platform

  • Support vehicles for working away from the office

  • Women-friendly company

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