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I am the CEO of eMnet Corporation, Young-won Kim.

Established in 2000, eMnet Corporation has grown as No.1 company leading the digital advertisement market in Korea and also laid a foundation to become a global enterprise that was listed in stock market in Japan as eMnet Japan in 2018.

We sincerely appreciate the support from about 40 thousand advertisers and associates on eMnet to become where we are today.

We will make an effort to create strategies for the success with the best technology, creation, and planning, and passion of eMnet and to maximize the value of advertisers.

As always, we will maintain high credibility as well as keen insight in the market to flexibly react in circumstances and share the success with all of you in pioneering spirit to lead changes.

Thank you.

CEO of eMnet Corporation, Young-won Kim


Leading company in the digital
marketing market
  • 1st
    Digital marketing agency
  • 45,000 + a
    Number of current clients
  • 299 billion +
    Annual amount(KRW)


Grow as a global digital marketing
company based on 3 steps
  • Global Company
    Grow as a matchless digital marketing company in digital marketing market in Korea
  • Leading Company
    Promote digital advertisement AE through systematic and specialized education for improving sales ability and advertisement managing capability
  • Growing Company
    Establish foundation for the growth to a global company based on accumulated sales and technology know-how


eMnet History

Reinforce global capability

  • Domestic advertising sales exceeds 299 billion won
  • Selected by Ministry of Employment and Labor as a youth-friendly small and medium-sized company
  • E-commerce subsidiary The BRAUX INC. launches
  • eMnet Japan co. ltd., SoftBank Group Corp. Capital Partnership
  • Acquisition of COMAS INTERACTIVE CO., LTD., a branding company
  • Domestic advertising volume exceeds 245 billion won
  • Selected to be App agency with Google
  • Selected to be Criteo Program
  • Selected to be Facebook FBPA(FBP for Agencies)
  • Proceed challenging for performance summit of eMnet with Naver
  • Reached KRW 230 billion of advertisement amount (based on the settlement in 2019)
  • 10th year of anniversary for establishing the branch in Busan
  • Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange with Japanese branch
  • Selected as a Business Partner with Facebook(FBP)
  • Rewarded with the price in the field of innovation for video from Google Premier Partner Awards
  • Developed dynamic advertisement solution of Facebook, "Addifuser"
  • Held the seminar inviting EMNet-Facebook advertisers
  • Rewarded with the prize in the field of search from Google Premier Partner Awards
  • Held the 2nd Google Digital Bites with eMnet
  • Rewarded with an excellence prize in Online Advertisement Festival in Korea
  • Established global digital marketing network
  • Developed Google/Facebook API solution
  • Held the 1st Google Digital Bites with eMnet (For the first time among online advertisement agencies)

Advance business

  • Advanced to cross-marketing business in foreign countries
  • Relocated the main office
  • Developed sentimental analysis system, 'Brand Manager Lite'
  • 5th year of anniversary for establishing the branch in Busan
  • Expanded and relocated branch in Busan and foreign countries
  • Ceremony for the 5th year of anniversary for establishing branch in Japan
  • Listed in KOSDAQ (November 25th)
  • Opened log analysis solution, ADInsight
  • Expanded the organization of branch in Busan

Develop solution/ Expand branches in Korea and abroad

  • Expanded the organization of branch in Busan
  • Ceremony for the 10th year of anniversary for the establishment and proclamation ceremony for the vision
  • Awarded with New Sales Record (Overture Korea)
  • Achieved KRw 5 billion of monthly sales as the highest amount among domestic agencies
  • eMnet hosting the seminar for the strategies of the success for advertisers jointly with Google
  • Opened integrated advertisement management system advertiser center
  • Achieved KRW 2 billion of monthly sales for Naver Click Choice and KRW 1 billion of monthly sales with Google
  • Concluded strategic affiliation of i-alliance with Cheil Worldwide
  • Established the branch in Busan (Yeongnam Branch)
  • Held Internet marketing forum (Internet Marketing Committee)
  • Awarded with the grand prize of OMS Marketing Professional
  • Acquired 4 patents of advertisement management solutions
  • Online advertisement agency for Samsung Electronics
  • Reached KRW 90 billion of annual advertisement amount
  • Established branch in Japan (Tokyo, Shibuya)
  • Relocated the new office building (7th floor at 3-Cha, Daeryung Post Tower)
  • Concluded strategic affiliation for Trans Cosmos as professional outsourcing company in Japan (participated in 35% of affiliation)
  • Occupied exclusive position in search engine marketing market
  • Selected to be Google reseller
  • Exclusively developed competitor and keyword analytic tool
  • Applied patent for advertisement management solution

Advance to digital advertisement business

  • Selected as the best agency of Overture (achieved KRW 1 billion of sales for the first time in Korea)
  • Selected as an official agency of Naver
  • Opened advertisement effect analytic system, Adcounter
  • Concluded the official contract for agency on local life information with Naver
  • Jointly established NWM of search advertisement marketing company with Daum Communications for the first time in Korea (formerly, Namu Communication)
  • Concluded contract for Life CP with Yahoo and opened the service
  • Opened Yahoo Soho service (lease type shopping mall)
  • Approved to establish corporation
  • Opened life information website, 'Dizzo Life'


이엠넷 ci

eMnet CI

This is the dynamic and futuristic company vision of eMnet for creating new values.
Two 'e's represent unlimited potential of eMnet for creating successful business through
global network as the best and specialized digital marketing expert group.


  • 14F, Daeryung PostTower III, Digital-ro 34-gil 27, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
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  • ULO PARK, No.603 section C, 3017, Wangjing Chaoyang District Beijing, China Post code. 100102
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14F, Daeryung PostTower III, Digital-ro 34-gil 27, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea

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